Our services include a large variety of Aboriginal tribal bonding programs, dance n art workshops, incursions, all dance and entertainment needs for all size corporations, events and Educational departments. 
  for details on our large range of programs and workshops
 have a quick look below and make your own package or function we do also have incursion packages made if you can't decide from our many workshops or have one of our Aboriginal singers n songwriters come and sing for your event, school or function whatever your needs we can cater for.
 workshops n programs below 
                                               SMOKE HEALING CEREMONY
                                               MINI ABORIGINAL CORROBOREE 
                                               LARGER ABORIGINAL CORROBOREE
                                              ABORIGINAL COLOR                                
                                              ABORIGINAL GAMES N HOBBIES
                                              ABORIGINAL HISTORY
                                              ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE
                                              ABORIGINAL LIFESTYLES
                                              ABORIGINAL DESIGN
                                              BUSH FOODS AND HISTORY
                                              CANVAS ART 
                                              DAMPER MAKING 
                                              ARTIFACT CARVING-painting
                                              FACE PAINTING
                                              HUNTER GATHERING LIFESTYLES
                                              ABORIGINAL N ISLANDER DANCE
                                              MURAL WALL ART
                                              PLAT-WEAVE HEADBANDS
                                             STORYTIME N DANCE
                                             HOW TO READ AND INTERPRET ABORIGINAL ART